Hello, I am Inga and here you can find organisational support!

Project Management, Producing, Postproduction Supervision, CG Photography, Online Editing, Consulting, Art Buying, Casting, Coaching, Event Planning, Organisation, … 
Versatile know-how combined or selectively applicable.

Gaining and maintaining an overview is my strength. 
My versatility is a guarantee for a comprehensive understanding.

I was born and raised in Cologne, with a stopover in Singapore, and followed by almost twelve years in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg as my chosen home. 

In 2022 I followed my inner need for nature and moved to the countryside of Hessen to an old mill.

From here, I now offer my diverse skills and experience from decades of professional activity in the media industry, as a freelancer.

From the beginning, my professional career has been colourful, exciting, varied and has always expanded and complemented. 

This has allowed me to challenge and promote my strengths:

finding individual solutions, understanding, translating and implementing customer wishes, successfully planning, implementing and completing projects, being a communication interface between different parties, cross-linking skills and abilities, …

Over the years, I have held leading positions in event catering, have been a casting director, have planned and carried out photo productions, have worked as a photographer’s agent, have managed online projects, have been part of an international congress organisation team, have had the privilege of being part of the team of various film productions and have worked for many years in the capacity of post-production producer and CG producer with numerous well-known advertising agencies and photographers, both nationally and internationally.

I am now happy to put this potpourri of expertise at your service.

Let’s talk!


The producer is the organisational head of a creative production. 

From the briefing, to the preparation and negotiation of offers, to timing and compliance, including quality and content control, to invoicing.

In the media industry, the producer is the organisational head of a creative production. 

The producer is responsible for everything from interpreting the briefing, preparing and negotiating offers, creating and adhering to timings up to invoicing. Though as I understand it, quality and content control also fall within this area of responsibility.

Whether a complete project is to be supervised, interim support is sought or only sub-areas are to be outsourced, I am a competent choice!

I feel particularly at home in the areas of post-production processes, photography, automotive advertising and also computer generated imagery / CGI. 
But one focus does not exclude other interests and skills.

Project Management

The key to success for a complex task is project management.
Pooling information, delegating tasks, keeping content together, finding compromises and navigating around crises.

Often underestimated and yet usually the decisive key to success is project management.
Information must be bundled, tasks delegated, content held together, compromises found and crises circumnavigated.

As diverse as human nature is, so different is the use of language for one and the same thing or so different the interpretation of the same word. Each team is also characterized by its individuals. Strengths need to be seen and nurtured, weaknesses compensated for.
My passion for words and my interest in people have always helped me in these areas to recognise misunderstandings and grievances early on and to moderate them where necessary. This quality, in turn, has led me into project management without my having planned it.

Because only when customer wishes are understood holistically can they be implemented in a targeted manner. Only then can you explain them and reformulate them in a more technically specific or less technically specific way. But the relevant aspects for the implementation must also be specified and enquired about with the customer before one stumbles over them at a later point in time. This is the only way to be the link between the diverse parties and to avoid misdirection.

A clear view, strong communication skills, astuteness, empathy – with these qualities I am also happy to steer your next project to a successful conclusion!

Online Editing

Specific project management with great attention to detail.
From client idea to content website maintenance.
Budget-based solutions, no petty decisions on client side. I act as an outsourced interface.

An online presence is indispensable nowadays.

But the path from the plan to the idea to the implementation and maintenance is often an unexpectedly long one.

This is where I come in!

No matter if only parts or even a whole project is planned, I am happy to offer my services.

Implementing customer ideas. Connecting experts. Finding the solution that fits the budget. Connecting questions and decisions to reduce the effort needed on the client’s side. Proofreading the content. Maintaining the content updates.

… pick your choice.

That’s me

versatile, well-travelled, strong communication skills, eye for detail, organisational talent, team player, extensive work experience, service-oriented …

360inch, that means keeping your eyes open in all directions, being 360-degree solution-oriented, all-round interested and committed.
A circle that closes.
This is the service I want to offer my clients.
inga christensen


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I look forward to your ideas!

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